Founder, Information Legal Pty Ltd
MAICD | Bachelor of Law | CISSP | CISM | CIPP/US | CIPP/IT

Founder & Director, Legate ICT Consulting Pty Ltd. (2005-2013)
Strategy & Information Management Consultant, UXC Consulting & Delivering Value Pty Ltd (2008-2013)
Business Services, Michalsons Attorneys (2006-2009)
Director, iForest Information Management (Pty) Ltd (2006-2009)

Helaine Leggat is one of a few people in the world to hold a bachelor of law degree together with information security, governance and privacy qualifications from global leaders in these fields. She understands the relationships between people, information technology, global business and international imperatives.

Leggat has specialised in this field since 2000, headed up some leading South African ICT businesses and has been recognised as “making a substantial contribution to the evolution of the regulation and law associated with ICT” in that country. Her first Australian engagement commenced in 2008. In 2012 Leggat settled in Melbourne, where she recently co-founded Information Legal Pty Ltd, a differentiated legal practice offering law, consulting and education services.